I’m Bryan St. Amour, a martial artist, software developer and Computer Science enthusiast from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This is my personal website and blog.

Martial Arts

I have been involved in the Martial Arts community in Windsor for over half of my life. I have taught at two very successful dojos, and recently tested for and obtained my San-dan in Isshinryu Karate, which bestows upon me the title of Sensei. But you can just call me Bryan. Currently I occasionally teach at Karate Rocks Family Martial Arts under the expert guidance of Master Al Panazzola. For more info, check out my martial arts bio page.

Speaking to Machines

I’m best known as a C++ guy, but lately my interests have wandered over to the functional programming side of things; I am an avid Haskell user, and I love the ideas behind languages like lisp. As a result of my adventuring, C++ is one of the few imperative languages that I can stand writing code in these days, as it gives the programmer the ability to write very high level abstract code without sacrificing performance. My ideal language however would be to mix Haskell’s clean syntax with C++’s raw speed.

Other things I am interested in are xml and xml-based technologies such as xslt and xquery, and the administration of distributed systems. I have an on-again/off-again love interest with computational grids and other topics in supercomputing.

For more details about my work experience, consult my online resume.

Computer Science!

I hold both an Honour’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Windsor. My research area is in the development of artificial reasoning systems, though previously I have worked as a research assistant in various areas including natural language processing, computational geometry, and industrial optimization. Feel free to check out my list of publications.

Me Elsewhere

Aside from my personal pages, you can also find me at:

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Last modified: January 26, 2016