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New Slackware Disks

My Slackware 14.1 DVD arrived in the mail today. I know what I'm doing this weekend… I've been a subscriber for the past few releases now (I enjoy giving something back to Patrick for all of his hard work, even though I can download the ISO's for free) and every time there's a new release I wait patiently by my mailbox. It's like Christmas for my servers.

Why Slackware? I used to bounce around between Linux distros a whole lot. I started out with Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy, and after a few releases tried Fedora, then PCLinuxOS, then OpenSUSE, then… you get it. I found my way to Arch Linux after a while and stayed there for a few years, but I got sick and tired of having to fix something or other every time I ran an update. I tried out Slackware because I had heard good things about it, and I've never looked back. Slackware is feature-rich out of the box, and very stable. It now runs my web server, my print server, and both my desktop and laptop. The only machine under my control that doesn't run Slackware is my mail server (which runs Debian Stable), but down the road when I move that out of a VPS and into my house, it too will be running Slackware.

Thanks, Pat, for another awesome release!