New Year's Resolutions (I might actually keep)

Every year I, like many people, set a bunch of resolutions for the new year and then never actually follow through on them. Well this year I’m intentionally keeping my list of goals very short, so that when I don’t get around to them, my disappointment ratio will be a bit better. So here’s my short list of resolutions that I might actually keep.

  1. Really learn a language from the Lisp family. I have familiarity with some lisps, and I’ve been fascinated with symbolic programming since my undergraduate days, but I’ve never actually built anything useful with a Lisp. I intend to learn a lisp well enough to be able to build something non-trivial in it.

  2. Get to the frickin gym more. I’m a decently healthy guy - I train in martial arts several times a week, and I eat halfway-decently - but I need to be doing more on my off-days. Right now it’s tough because I’m working full time while trying to wrap up a Master’s degree, but I really should be hitting the gym more often, even if it’s just a few times a week.

  3. Improve my touch typing ability. Yes, it’s a shame I know. I spend countless hours programming but honestly I’m not a very strong typist. It’s definitely something that I would like to work on in the new year.

So there’s my list. Will I nail down all 3? Probably not. But I’m going to give it my best try. Happy new year everyone!