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End of Vacation 2016

It's Sunday, the first of May, and I'm wrapping up my week-long vacation from work. It was nice to be out of the office for a few days, but with the amount of work I got caught up on for school, I still feel like I need a vacation.

The positive side of this work-cation is that I no longer feel like I'm drowning in work, as I'm pretty much caught up with everything I need to do. The negative side is that I'm still exhausted. Between my day job as a programmer and my other day job as a PhD student, I'm starting to feel like a candle burning from both ends.

At least now because I'm caught up, my head is above water, I can take some time to implement some life changes to hopefully stay ahead of the wheel. One change I'd like to make is to start getting up earlier. If I can shift my wake-up time back a half hour, I'll be able to work on school-related projects for a bit before work. If I can do a little bit each day, perhaps my weekends won't feel so exhausting.

Another change I'd like to make is to give myself one day a week to relax. I'm thinking of declaring Sunday to be “no work day” going forward. This does not include doing chores around the house, of course. But no work means no email, no programming, no reading documentation, nothing.