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Some Thoughts

I'm sitting here in my back yard on vacation from work (which means I'm actually quite busy working on other, non-work related projects, such as those for my PhD), just had my coffee, and I'm listening to some of the local wildlife chirp away. It makes me feel that I really need more of this in my life.

I've blogged before about programming outdoors, but I think I really need to work toward cultivating a career where I actually can spend a good chunk of my time outside. Still programming computers. But doing so from the comfort of my back yard, or a close-by park, or by the water, or up north camping. As technology continues to improve I hope that one day I'll be able to realize my dream. My ideal job would be what I'm doing now, except for the ability to work from wherever.

Growing up I was slightly more of an indoor kid than an outdoor one. While I did spend a non-negligible amount of my childhood playing outside, I was also hooked on video games. I have fond memories of playing outdoors: riding bikes and skateboards, swimming, hide-and-go seek, etc; and then going in and playing Bomberman into the night. I never really camped though until I started dating my wife while in college. It was then that the benefits of being outside really made themselves apparent to me. After even a few days of just being out of the city I felt as if my internal batteries had recharged themselves. And now here I am, getting outside - even just to my back yard - whenever I can. The benefits of regular outdoor time are, to me, innumerable.

I have the rest of the week off work, but then it will be back to the office from 9 until 5. Eight hours a day where I'll work hard, but simultaneously yearn to be outside.