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I've been on-edge recently. The reason is because about two weeks ago Tecumseh got more water in one night than we typically do in an entire month. By about a factor of 2. Suffice to say my basement, though mostly unfinished, was ruined. I lost my office, as well as every major appliance that my wife and I owned. We can repair the furnace, but we lost our hot water tank, our washer and dryer, freezer and fridge.

In total we took on about two feet of water by the time we were able to get a hold of the situation. Combined with a near-death scenario involving electricity (which maybe I'll blog about later) and just watching my stuff float away while I ferried more stuff to higher ground, I'm a little frazzled. Still. But it could have been worse.

My neighbour across the street had three feet in his basement. And a relative of my wife's got an inch of sewage. At least ours was just rain water. I don't think I'd have been able to handle two feet of shit wrecking havoc down on me. I'm also lucky that our furnace is repairable, so that will save us a bit of money.

Anyhow, that concludes this rant. I'm hoping for an uneventful Winter to recuperate my spirits.