About Me

I’m Bryan St. Amour, a martial artist, software developer and Computer Science enthusiast from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This is my personal website and blog.

Martial Arts

I have been involved in the Martial Arts community in Windsor for over half of my life. I have taught at two very successful dojos, and recently tested for and obtained my San-dan in Isshinryu Karate, which bestows upon me the title of Sensei. But you can just call me Bryan. Currently I occasionally teach at Karate Rocks Family Martial Arts under the expert guidance of Master Al Panazzola.

Speaking to Machines

I’m best known as a C++ guy, but lately my interests have wandered over to the functional programming side of things; I am an avid Haskell user, and I love the ideas behind languages like lisp. My ideal language however would be to mix Haskell’s clean syntax with C++’s raw speed.

I maintain a list of gcc snapshot packages for 64 bit Slackware linux. The gcc project releases a new snapshot of their compiler roughly once a week.

Other things I am interested in are xml and xml-based technologies such as xslt and xquery, and distributed systems. I have an on-again/off-again love interest with computational grids and other topics in supercomputing.

Some foundations and organizations that I care about are

For more details about my work experience, consult my online resume.

Computer Science!

I hold both an Honour’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Windsor. My research area is in the development of automated reasoning systems, though previously I have worked as a research assistant in various areas including natural language processing, computational geometry, and industrial optimization. Feel free to check out my list of publications.