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I occasionally write about things that interest me. A good chunk of my writing has to do with technology of some sort, but over the past few years I've taken an interest in the outdoors, and thus some of my posts reflect on my wanting to spend more time out of the office. Feel free to follow me via RSS.

While I don't host comments for my posts, it's not because I want to stifle discussion! I just personally feel that if you have something to add to what I've written about, you should do it on your own website. The world-wide-web is one of the greatest innovations of our time - the fact that anybody who has something to say can have an outlet is an amazing achievement. But with the proliferation of sites like Facebook etc, I'd hate to see the open web devolve into a handful of silos. If you want to add your thoughts to something I've written, write it up and link to me :-)

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