Lighthouse Lemonade

I normally don’t do endorsement-type posts, but I just have to share this, even if just with my future self. Lighthouse Lemonade (site here) is the best damn Summer drink I’ve ever had. It comes in a bottle, and you mix in a bit of the stuff with water. The result is delicious lemonade that’s not too sugary, and not too lemony, but absolutely refreshing. I urge you to buy a bottle if you ever come across it during your travels.


The world keeps turning And programs need to be built. Somebody save me.

Hugo: Only Show Content Under a Given Section

One thing I initially found strange of Hugo was that it listed every piece of content on the front page - as if they were all blog posts. Luckily Hugo is flexible enough to change that behaviour without having to do any hacking. This blog post is mostly so that I remember how to do this in the future. To limit your front page to show only content from a certain sub-directory, say, “post”, edit your index.

New Site

Every once in a while I like to shake things up a bit around here. I’ve owned this domain since around 2005 or so, and over the years it has changed quite drastically. From my humble web development beginnings, exploring the in’s and out’s of HTML, PHP, etc; to the Wordpress years; to now. Since 2013 I’ve opted to rely on static site generators such as Jekyll, Hakyll, and now Hugo.

On Electronic Voting

There was a recent letter to the editor in the online edition of the Windsor Star that criticized the decision to use electronic voting machines in several local communities. I wrote up a comment to the piece, and thought I’d reproduce it here. I’m a Computer Scientist by training, and a software engineer by profession, and I agree with the gist of what is being said here. There’s too much that can happen from when you press the button to when the vote gets tallied, and the entire process is near-invisible for the majority of the population.

Website Updates

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated my blog, and since a lot has happened this year, I figured it was time for a new post. To start things off, I got married this past Summer to the love of my life. We had an outdoor ceremony on the hottest day of July surrounded by our friends and family, followed by a beautiful reception at the Serbian Centre in Windsor.

How I Read My Email

When the weather is nice I enjoy working outdoors when I can; since my current data plan on my phone is abysmal, and I prefer working on my full-sized laptop, my email setup is a bit different than normal peoples'. I don’t rely on simply connecting to a remote server because I like being able to read, sort, and reference my email while offline, so this post is a simple description of how I “do email”.

Hello world!

I’ve been itching to play around with something new recently, so I decided to move my blog over to one based on Hakyll (think Jekyll, but written in Haskell.) I hope to blog more as this site evolves, and maybe this time I’ll be able to keep my web presence a little more active. I look forward to writing posts about my explorations into various topics in programming, computer science, and other things that I’m passionate about.