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On Electronic Voting

There was a recent letter to the editor in the online edition of the Windsor Star that criticized the decision to use electronic voting machines in several local communities. I wrote up a comment to the piece, and thought I’d reproduce it here. I’m a Computer Scientist by training, and a software engineer by profession, and I agree with the gist of what is being said here. There’s too much that can happen from when you press the button to when the vote gets tallied, and the entire process is near-invisible for the majority of the population.

Website Updates

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated my blog, and since a lot has happened this year, I figured it was time for a new post. To start things off, I got married this past Summer to the love of my life. We had an outdoor ceremony on the hottest day of July surrounded by our friends and family, followed by a beautiful reception at the Serbian Centre in Windsor.

How I Read My Email

When the weather is nice I enjoy working outdoors when I can; since my current data plan on my phone is abysmal, and I prefer working on my full-sized laptop, my email setup is a bit different than normal peoples’. I don’t rely on simply connecting to a remote server because I like being able to read, sort, and reference my email while offline, so this post is a simple description of how I “do email”.

New Year's Resolutions (I might actually keep)

Every year I, like many people, set a bunch of resolutions for the new year and then never actually follow through on them. Well this year I’m intentionally keeping my list of goals very short, so that when I don’t get around to them, my disappointment ratio will be a bit better. So here’s my short list of resolutions that I might actually keep. Really learn a language from the Lisp family.

Getting Thunderbird to auto-expunge emails

Mozilla Thunderbird is a great email client, however there is one issue that it has by default that drives me nuts. I run an IMAP server for my email addresses. The IMAP server has a Roundcube web front-end for when I want to access my email from a machine that isn’t mine. When working in Thunderbird, when I move an email from my INBOX to a folder (or from any folder to any other folder), Thunderbird doesn’t expunge the emails from their source folders on the IMAP server; it’s only when you close down Thunderbird that the folders get “compacted” and the change is seen on the server.

New Slackware Disks

My Slackware 14.1 DVD arrived in the mail today. I know what I’m doing this weekend… I’ve been a subscriber for the past few releases now (I enjoy giving something back to Patrick for all of his hard work, even though I can download the ISO’s for free) and every time there’s a new release I wait patiently by my mailbox. It’s like Christmas for my servers. Why Slackware? I used to bounce around between Linux distros a whole lot.

What the heck is C/C++?

I see this all the time in programming forums, websites, etc. My one question is: What the heck language is C/C++? C and C++ are distinct languages that have a similar looking syntax (the same goes for Java, C#, JavaScript, Perl, etc.) And just like the languages I've mentioned in parenthesis, C and C++ also have many syntactic differences. So if they don't have the same syntax, there must be another reason why people conjoin the two languages…

Hello world!

I’ve been itching to play around with something new recently, so I decided to move my blog over to one based on Hakyll (think Jekyll, but written in Haskell.) I hope to blog more as this site evolves, and maybe this time I’ll be able to keep my web presence a little more active. I look forward to writing posts about my explorations into various topics in programming, computer science, and other things that I’m passionate about.

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