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Blogging with org-mode

Over the years I have tried various techniques for trying to stay organized in my day-to-day life. I'm not quite there yet, but the best I've so far come up with is using org-mode inside emacs (I already do most of my computing in it anyways…) to keep track of notes and planning, and then use a daily bullet journal for keeping tabs on what I need to do for a given day. I'm not fully used to it yet, but it seems like it will be a decent setup for me.

Therefore, once I found out that the Hugo static site generator can parse org files, I was sold. I've used many blogging platforms before: from wordpress, to jekyll, to hakyll, and so on. I even played around with hugo a bit last year before going back to jekyll. Now I think I'll be staying with hugo the forseeable future. The fact that it's just one static binary to install, and the fact that I can write my posts using org syntax (with all of emacs' built-in goodies for handling such files) makes blogging a real breeze. I may in fact start writing again on a regular-ish basis.