What I've Been Doing

It’s been quiet around here… Too quiet… But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to anything. Quite the opposite. Things both good and bad. Mostly good.

Day job-wise, we did a pretty big software release earlier this year, and while the dust has been settling, I’ve been dealing with fair amount of customer support, alongside work on some newer projects. I need to get back to our cash-cow soon though, to put out a minor version bump, but I need to clear my plate (and my team’s plate) a bit more first.

With regards to work on C++, it’s been business as usual: I try to join virtual ISO meetings when I can. The design for C++23 was finalized back in February, so now the wording groups can keep chugging away at what they do, and the design groups can split their focus on C++23 issues, and new items targetting C++26.

Family-wise, life has seen the biggest change of all: we had our second child. James Bryan St Amour was born January 17th of this year. He and mommy are both doing very well, and William, his older brother, is adjusting to the changes like a champion. Though we’re all sleep-deprived, we’re doing pretty good.

Another big family-related event is that, sadly, I lost my pepe (grandfather in French) earlier this year. He joins my meme, who passed back in 2020, and my aunt Sheri, who lost her fight with cancer in 2021. As much as I try to hide it, his loss, as well as the loss of my aunt and meme, have shaken me deeply. Because of covid restrictions, and just the background stresses that come from the world being what it is, I never had time to properly grieve, and it’s catching up to me.