Name Change

As you may have noticed, I’ve changed the subtitle of this blog again. Back in the day I used to run a blog at The blog was strictly about programming, which allowed me to focus my personal site (this one) on personal issues. Since then I’ve consolidated my web presence, but I want to bring the name back.

I used to actively blog about template meta-programming tricks back before we had the luxury of things like constexpr functions and std::apply and other cool things in the standard library. In fact, I had a whole series of posts about how to efficiently implement a version of std::apply, along with a series written by Paul Preney. I’m confident that we were some of the first people to really push what you could do with variadic templates. We may not have been the first to come up with a tuple apply, but we were probably close to it. A lot of what I used to write would be considered doing – as Bjarne eloquently put it in the 4th edition of the C++ Programming Language – violence to his language.

Now that I have a bit more energy, I think the time is right for me to start a new round of (hopefully more frequent) blog posts about interesting idioms and tricks for modern C++. Let’s have some fun.


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