How I Read My Email

When the weather is nice I enjoy working outdoors when I can; since my current data plan on my phone is abysmal, and I prefer working on my full-sized laptop, my email setup is a bit different than normal peoples'. I don’t rely on simply connecting to a remote server because I like being able to read, sort, and reference my email while offline, so this post is a simple description of how I “do email”.

Getting Thunderbird to auto-expunge emails

Mozilla Thunderbird is a great email client, however there is one issue that it has by default that drives me nuts. I run an IMAP server for my email addresses. The IMAP server has a Roundcube web front-end for when I want to access my email from a machine that isn’t mine. When working in Thunderbird, when I move an email from my INBOX to a folder (or from any folder to any other folder), Thunderbird doesn’t expunge the emails from their source folders on the IMAP server; it’s only when you close down Thunderbird that the folders get “compacted” and the change is seen on the server.