I’ve been on-edge recently. The reason is because about two weeks ago Tecumseh got more water in one night than we typically do in an entire month. By about a factor of 2. Suffice to say my basement, though mostly unfinished, was ruined. I lost my office, as well as every major appliance that my wife and I owned. We can repair the furnace, but we lost our hot water tank, our washer and dryer, freezer and fridge.

Beta Reduce? What? Why? A Brief History

Introduction You might be wondering why I’ve decided to name my personal website (blog, what-have-you) what I did. The reason is, and this is probably not too surprising, because I’m a huge freaking nerd. This blog post is both a quick overview of my history as a geek, and a justification for why I named my personal website after an operation for manipulating expressions in something called lambda calculus. The Early Days When I was a kid in grade school I loved math.

On Electronic Voting

There was a recent letter to the editor in the online edition of the Windsor Star that criticized the decision to use electronic voting machines in several local communities. I wrote up a comment to the piece, and thought I’d reproduce it here. I’m a Computer Scientist by training, and a software engineer by profession, and I agree with the gist of what is being said here. There’s too much that can happen from when you press the button to when the vote gets tallied, and the entire process is near-invisible for the majority of the population.

What the heck is C/C++?

I see this all the time in programming forums, websites, etc. My one question is: What the heck language is C/C++? C and C++ are distinct languages that have a similar looking syntax (the same goes for Java, C#, JavaScript, Perl, etc.) And just like the languages I've mentioned in parenthesis, C and C++ also have many syntactic differences. So if they don't have the same syntax, there must be another reason why people conjoin the two languages…