2015 Wrapup

2015 is gone now, so I think this is a good time to look back and reflect on some things. First and foremost, 2015 was my very first full calendar year of being married, and also of owning a house. There were challenges to overcome and projects to complete, but overall I think Chelsey and I did pretty good for our first real year. I’m certain that there will be more challenges ahead, but Chel and I have a way of respectful argumentation that allows us to resolve issues very efficiently - we’re a good team!

Programming Outdoors

As a software professional, I spend a lot of time indoors. It’s really not so bad: I have a nice comfy chair, ample desk space, and the office is always nice and air conditioned :-) But the past few days have been so beautiful here in Windsor that I’ve been taking my coffee and laptop outside to read the morning news and catch up on email. It makes me remember the good old days when I was working to pay for my undergraduate.

New Year's Resolutions (I might actually keep)

Every year I, like many people, set a bunch of resolutions for the new year and then never actually follow through on them. Well this year I’m intentionally keeping my list of goals very short, so that when I don’t get around to them, my disappointment ratio will be a bit better. So here’s my short list of resolutions that I might actually keep. Really learn a language from the Lisp family.