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Hi, I'm Bryan St. Amour, a Canadian Software engineer, open source consumer, and C and C++ enthusiast. Some consider me to be a subject matter expert on C++.

Other computing-related things that interest me are: the emacs text editor, UNIX, and the history of computing. I have been using emacs (and cultivating a config file for it) since 2008 or thereabouts. It is my favourite piece of software, and I install it onto every computer that I frequently access. My first taste of UNIX was when I started my undergraduate degree in 2006 at the University of Windsor, when I was given an account on the Solaris server belonging to the school of computer science. As for the history of computing: as I dug more into UNIX and its history, that eventually bled over into more areas of computing. I am interested in the history of operating systems, programming languages, and ancient computer architectures.

I used to maintain a blog, but I didn't blog nearly as frequently as one should. So, in 2022 I decided to ditch the chronological blog format, and instead focus on cultivating a small garden on the edge of the world-wide-web. Just like the good old days.

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